Prospects for Development of Geothermal Energy in the Republic of Dagestan

Alikerimova  Tamila1, Ninalalov Said1,2

1 Dagestan State University (DSU), Makhachkala, Russia

2Institute for Geothermal and Renewable Energy Problems – Branch of the Joint Institute for High Temperatures of the Russian Academy of Sciences (IGREP JIHT RAS), Makhachkala, Russia



Abstract.  Several promising projects developed in recent years by scientists from DGU and IGREP JIHT RAS in order to develop the potential of geothermal energy in Dagestan are considered. Combined geothermal-steam-gas power system, combined solar-geothermal heat pump system, construction of binary geothermal power plants using depleted oil and gas fields, technology for processing hydrogen sulfide at ordinary temperatures to produce hydrogen and sulfur, integrated development of highly parametric mineralized hydrogeothermal resources – all these projects have high economic efficiency and promising for implementation.

Keywords: geothermal deposits, geothermal waters, resource development, economic efficiency.