Land-based Sailing Power Plant: Determination of the Magnitude of the Forces, Acting on the Platform

Konstantin Chekarev1,2

Alim Zalikhanov1,3

1Lomonosov Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia



Abstract.Installations that convert the kinetic energy of wind into electricity are large due to the low air density. A variant of a sailing power plant is known that converts the energy of a wind flow into the energy of a water flow, which makes it possible to reduce the size of the energy converter, but its efficiency decreases, since part of the energy of the wind flow is spent on moving the sail installation, and there are also difficulties in transferring the generated energy to an external consumer . A variant of a ground-based sailing power plant is proposed, in which these problems are removed. The conducted experimental studies of models of ground-based sailing power plants have shown the operability of the elements included in the experimental installation, structural elements have been found that can be used in the implementation of a ground-based sailing installation. In order to determine the power that land-based sailing installations can develop, studies were carried out on the developed experimental installation to determine the magnitude of the forces on which the speed of movement of the sailing installation models depends. The results of these studies are presented in this article.

Keywords:windpower, renewable energy sources, wind plant, sailing power plant.