Evaluation of water cooling efficiency of photoelectric module in climatic conditions of Astrakhan region

Larisa Zaynutdinova1,

Vladimir Ilyichev2,

Ravil Dzhambekov3

Science and educational center

“Alternative energetics”

Astrakhan State University

Astrakhan, Russian Federation

1E-mail: lzain@mail.ru

2E-mail: vova201428@yandex.ru

3E-mail: ravil-200@mail.ru

Abstract. A water cooling system of the photovoltaic module has been developed. An experimental study of the efficiency of water cooling for real operating conditions in a region with high ambient temperatures has been carried out. The experiment showed that in the climatic conditions of the Astrakhan region, water cooling of a photovoltaic module provides a significant increase in its output power and efficiency.

Keywords: photovoltaic module, water cooling, efficiency