On the Existence of an Intermediate Phase between the Crystalline and Liquid States in a Flat Plasma-Dust System

Elena Vasilyeva

Joint Institute for High Temperatures, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia

E-mail: elen_vasilieva@mail.ru

Annotation. The article presents an interview with Ph. D., a research associate of the Laboratory of Dust Plasma Diagnostics of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Laboratory of Physics of Active Media and Systems of the MIPT about the experimental research conducted in the field of studying the intermediate phase between the crystalline and liquid states in a flat plasma-dust system. The existence of this phase is experimentally confirmed for the first time in two-dimensional structures in plasma. The study of the physical properties of two-dimensional systems is of great practical importance. Such research is now rapidly developing, promising in the future new materials with specified properties and devices based on them in the field of microelectronics, medicine for DNA sequencing and in other fields of science and technology.

Keywords: plasma-dust systems, laboratory experiment, state of matter, two-dimensional systems, plasma