Increasing the level of metrological support for large wind turbine blades (from 60m) at the production stages

Sinitsa Maria1,2

1Bauman Moscow State Technical University


Abstract. Development in the field of renewable energy is happening rapidlytoday, especially in the field of wind energy. The rapid introduction of new production systems, an increase in the share of autonomy of industrial enter-prises requires the intro-duction of new modern approaches in the field of energy, energy efficiency and energy conservation. Against this background, the need for innovative solutions in the field of metrological support and measure-ment technologies in the energy sec-tor is sharply increasing. The paper pre-sents a complex for carrying out control and measuring procedures, which will improve the quality of metrological support in the production process in Russia.

In addition, the metrological and economic parameters of the described stand have been calculated.

Keywords: renewable energy, wind energy, wind turbine, metrological sup-port, blade.