Possibilities of Macroscale and Mesoscale Models for Modeling the Operation of a Wind Farm on the Example of the Adygeya wind farm

Ivanov Alexander1,2,3, Strijhak Sergey 1,4

Ivannikov Institute for System Programming RAS, Moscow, Russia 2 Keldysh Institute of Applied Mathematics, Moscow, Russia

3E-mail: av.ivanov@ispras.ru,

4E-mail: s.strijhak@ispras.ru

Abstract. The paper presents an example of using the mesoscale and macroscalemodeling for the wind farm investigation. GFS data and WRF-ARW code were used for the calculation of the meteorological conditions and generated power in the area of the Re-public of Adygea wind farm. The wind speed distribution forecast, as well as the forecast of losses of the wind farm generated power, are presented. An assessment of the wake formed by wind turbines is carried out.

Keywords: wind energy, wind farm, simulation, grid, velocity, power, WRF