Electromagnetism and mechanics: nonholonomic analogy 

A.A. Solovyev

Faculty of Geography, Lomonosov Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia

E-mail: a.soloviev@geogr.msu.ru

Abstract. Analogies are revealed that combine nonholonomic structures in me- chanics and electrodynamics. The possibility of transition to the study of power energy fields with modified measure time is considered. The purpose of the ar- ticle is to analyze the features of mechanics and electrodynamics of medium structures with the nonholonomic connection. A method for determining the time associated with inertial and noninertial reference systems, which are prac- tically not used in existing systems for converting wind and solar energy, is proposed and implemented. The results presented in this work are part of re- search aimed at combining analytical methods of mechanics and electrodynam- ics as applied to an extended description of renewable energy processes.

Keywords: time estimation, holonomic mechanics, nonholonomic constraints, Lagrange equations