Trends of World Energy Supply in XX –XXI Centuries and Outlook 2100

K.S. Degtyarev1

Lomonosov Moscow State University, Geographical department, Laboratory for Renewable Energy Sources


Abstract. The work analyses the available official and corporate data on energy supply, GDP, and population, both in the world as a whole and in the separate key regions. On the base of these data the research makes some conclusions on the key trends of growth and structure changes for energy supply in XX – beginning of XXI century and probable scenarios up to the end of XXI century on the world and regional levels. The analysis discovers slowing down the growth of energy supply in the whole world and the most of its regions, both absolutely and per capita, that goes on in general context of slowing down the growth of population and GDP. The article resents also a forecast for global and regional energy supply according to the assumption that this trend goes on. The same is made to the structure of energy production and consumption.

Key words: energy supply, electricity production, renewable energy sources, energy supply structure, regions of the world, world population, world GDP, world trends, XXI century energy outlook.