The Current State of Water Supply in the Republic of Cyprus

Pokrytan Georgy

Lomonosov Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia


Abstract. Climate change in the world is affecting the growing shortage of fresh water. States in the Mediterranean region that have already experienced the effects of these changes need to take the climate factor into account when managing water resources. Using the example of the Republic of Cyprus, specific adaptation measures were studied and evaluated on the basis of their effectiveness, sustainability in the face of climate change uncertainty and their sustainability in the environmental, socio-economic sectors, as well as potential barriers and risks associated with the implementation of adaptation. The presented review showed that many of the measures taken, which are considered to address the impact of climate change on water resources, increase the adaptive capacity of the water sector, but its overall vulnerability remains high, as water demand is still not met in certain areas and / or for certain uses during a drought.

Key words: review, fresh water, climate change, adaptation, water management, Cyprus.