Russian Photovoltaic

Butuzov V.A.1

Kuban state agrarian university of I.T. Trubilin, Krasnodar, Russian Federation.

Abstract. Article make a describesthe development in Russia of the basic technologies of solar energy: thermodynamic and photoelectric. The results of research, creation and operation of the first in the USSR Crimean solar thermodynamic power plant are presented. The results of theoretical and experimental studies of photoelectric converters are analyzed. The technologies for creating space-based photovoltaic power plants and the experience of their application for surface installations are described. A brief description of Russian scientific photovoltaic schools is provided. The list of modern Russian ground-based network photovoltaic power plants, the procedure for their construction, the main owners are presented.

Keywords: Solar power, thermodynamics solar power, photoelectric modules, photoelectric converters, photovoltaic power plants, concentration of solar radiation, ground-based FES, space photovoltaic.