Ecological development and energy complex

V.V. Bushuev1

1Joint Institute for High Temperatures of the Russian Academy of Sciences (JIHT RAS), Russia, 125412, Moscow, Izhorskaya str., 13/2

1Institute of Energy Strategy,

Russia, 125009, Moscow, Degtyarny Lane, 9


Abstract. As it was said on the Rio-de-Janeiro sustainable development confer- ence in 1992, economy without ecology is a way to a deadlock, and ecology without economy is a way to nowhere. The determining factor in this conflict of tendencies is energy. Economy is impossible without energy consumption for account of both fuels and renewables, and ecology is socio-natural planetary Home that directly depends on the scales of energy production. The author tries to change this contradictory dyad of our life for the triad of energy-ecology- economy of our future perception and validate harmony of the united nature- society-human system.

Key words: economy, energy, ecology, civilization.

Acknowledgments. The study was carried out in the framework of the State Assign- ment (registration number R&D AAAA-A19-119020690085-9)