Transition to energy efficient economy:
 problems and prospects

V.M. Zaichenko

Joint Institute for High Temperatures of the Russian Academy of Sciences (OIVT RAS),
 Moscow, 125412, Russia


Abstract. The article discusses the possibility of transition of the Russian economy to an energy-efficient development path, as the main way out of the crisis. It is shown that autonomous energy based on the use of local fuel resources and waste fully complies with the requirements for modern innovative technologies. One of the determining directions in ensuring an energy-efficient economy is the development, production and wide practical use of domestic autonomous energy. A special place in autonomous energy supply systems should be played by systems operating on local fuel resources, the main ones being wood waste, peat, agricultural waste, and MSW. Organization of industrial production of domestic gas piston power plants and mini-CHP will make a significant contribution to the development of autonomous energy.

Keywords: energy-efficient economy, renewable energy sources, autonomous energy, solid waste, mini-thermal power plants, secondary energy resources, waste processing