Development of new technologies energy life support Smart Cities

Y.N. Kucherov11, V.V. Bushuev2, A.V. Ivanov1,
 D.A. Korev3, S.A. Utz4, A.V. Sheikhina5

1Federal State Unitary Enterprise “Standardinform” (Rosstandart), Moscow, Russia

2Joint Institute for High Temperatures of the Russian Academy of Sciences (OIVT RAS),

Moscow, 125412, Russia

3AO “RVK”, Moscow, Russia

4AO “SO UES”, Moscow, Russia

5JSC “RTSoft”, Moscow, Russia

Email: 1

Abstract. The article discusses the challenges of integrating new energy and information technologies for large cities, with the aim of increasing the efficiency of the main sectors of the urban environment. Summarizing global trends in the development of smart cities, the harmonious combination of artificial and natural environment, the impact of the new technological order (Industry 4.0) and intelligent control systems for the organization of life-supporting infrastructure. Trends in the development of standardization of solutions and technologies in different cities.

Keywords: smart city, energy saving, critical infrastructure, sustainable development, new technologies, integrated solutions, horizontal integration, distributed energy, active consumer, standardization.

Acknowledgement. The study was carried out as part of the State Assignment (reg-istration number R&D AAAA-A16-116051810068-1).